Monday, April 23, 2012

Classroom Management Strategies Put into Action

As an educator, using an authoritative strategy of classroom management would be the best option. This classroom style would allow students to communicate and express ideas while still having boundaries and maintaining order. An English/Language Arts teacher could utilize this strategy by allowing students to participate in Socratic seminars. A Socratic Seminar is an activity in which a group of students discuss a similar issue or topic. After requiring students to read a specific novel in class, a Socratic seminar could be used to identify what the students understood or didn’t understand from the reading. The teacher should allow the students to talk after one another, in no particular order. The conversation should continue to move from one student to the next. However teachers should step in and guide the group in case the class seems to deviate from the topic. This activity would provide students with the perfect opportunity to express themselves and dictate what they choose to discuss from the reading. Substandard 5.5: knowledge of various classroom management approaches, including relationships between specific management practices and student learning, attitudes, and behaviors, and the ability to use this knowledge to create an organized and productive learning environment that maximizes students' time on task; facilitates learning; and encourages student self-regulation, responsibility, and accountability

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